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Live Astronomy Presentations in the CyberCANOE Exhibit:
Daily (Tues-Sun) 

CyberCANOEwhich stands for Collaborative, Analytics, Navigation and Observation Environment, is 'Imiloa's new data visualization theatre. This immersive exhibit space allows the audience to explore giant worlds of data, transformed into imagery that enables them to make sense of it and see it through an entirely different and unique perspective. CyberCANOE also provides users with the ability to see both 2D and 3D stereoscopic content in a completely seamless and impressive display environment. 


Cyber-CANOE to explore worlds of data in 3-D at the University of Hawaii from University of Hawai'i System on Vimeo.


‘Imiloa’s CyberCANOE exhibit was the home for University of Hawai‘i’s Data Visualization class in 2016. This course was a collaborative effort between ‘Imiloa, UH Hilo's Computer Science Program, Marine Science Program, Art Department, UH Mānoa’s Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications, and the Academy for Creative Media (ACM) who is funding this initiative.  Students collected large amounts of data ranging from Hawai‘i’s coral reef health to native and invasive ocean species, and transformed this data into a 3-dimensional, panoramic, virtual reality.