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Astonishing Mountain in the Calm

Flickr Photo: Eye of Einstein


The tallest mountain in the Pacific Ocean, Maunakea has always been very significant to the Hawaiian people. Today it is valued by astronomers around the world as well. Its height, location and environmental conditions make it an ideal site from which to study the stars. Maunakea has a variety of environmental features that make it home to unique flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else.

Significance of the place

Learn more about the cultural significance of this volcanic mountain, as well as the observatories that today peer into space from its summit.

'Imiākea: Discovering Maunakea is 'Imiloa's newest series aimed at expanding our understanding of all dimensions represented by Mauankea. Each event in this series serves as a platform for the community to discover, discuss and learn from one-another all aspects of Maunakea. From chants and mele, to balancing tradition with technology; 'Imiākea is designed to share, discover, discuss and learn about Maunakea. Click here to watch videos from past 'Imiākea events.