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Hawai'i's Language Today

Keep It Alive

After nearly 100 years of the Hawaiian language being banned in public schools and hardly spoken, Hawaiian language is now an official language of the state since 1978 and a recognized medium of instruction in Hawaiian immersion schools since 1986. 

The number of Hawaiian Immersion students continues to increase. From an aging population of about 1,500 native speakers in the 1980s, today Hawai‘i has about 10,000 youth who speak the Hawaiian language. 

Where the Language can live

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center is the first of hopefully many places to come that provide a fluent Hawaiian language setting in the community for anyone to explore. Bilingual exhibits, employees, and presentations make ‘Imiloa a place where the Hawaiian language can live and be spoken. 

I ka ‘olelo noke ola, in language there is indeed life. In the Hawaiian language lies the history of a people and a way of life. The language reveals where Hawaiians have come from and how. It is an invaluable resource to Hawaiian astronomy and navigation. 

The Hawaiian language is the identity of the Hawaiian people and how they understand and relate to the universe. 

Web Resources 

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